How Churches Connect to Their Congregation, Community and The Great Commission

First Things First…

CEO USChurchesOnline
Rev. Don Walley, Director/CEO

Let’s face it! There are three reasons you don’t currently have a website. A belief that:

  1. A website is too expensive
  2. A website is too complicated
  3. A website is unnecessary

If one or more of these is true for you read my comments below.

A website is too expensive: Until now you’ve probably been correct. You’re a new, small or medium size church/ministry with complicated demographics that might include an older congregation with limited resources or a young congregation with limited resources. And, it’s no surprise some make a very good living at website development. “Only $1000 to start and $50 a month (forever!!) or “We wave the $99 entry fee and you pay only $50 a month (forever)”. Who wouldn’t be put off by those numbers. Or, our favorite, “You can have a FREE website” (but we intend to put gobs of advertising on your site that your site visitors will have to endure-which by the way you have no control over!).

A website is too complicated: Perhaps you’re confronted with the reality that there’s just no one in your church/ministry who can/will build a website. All the technology that it takes to build and maintain a website can be intimidating. After all, where, and how, are you going to get images, come up with text and content to fill pages. That’s why we created templates that are very simple to add your content to and suggest starting with only a few pages at first. We do all the heavy lifting with setup, domains, codes, security. In other words, if you can use a word editing application like MS Word then you’re 90% there already.

And, we present weekly webinars, depending on the requests/sign-ups, to help you walk through the process. You’ll learn everything you need in a “live” online training session. We also have dozens of short, 4-6 minute, videos built directly into your site that you can access with just a mouse click, 24/7/365.

A website is unnecessary:  This may be the biggest issue for some. You know you can come up with the annual subscription with all our great designs, personal and technical support, and more but do you even really need a site at this stage in your ministry? Of course, only you and your fellow leaders can answer this fully but please let me make a suggestion. Perhaps your ministry has changed so much that you’re discouraged and unsure of the future. Or, you’re just starting out in this new ministry and you want to wait to see if God blesses like you sense He will. Besides, with our FREE 30 day trial you have nothing to lose; try it and see if you and others don’t just feel better about having an online ministry, that’s available around the clock to inform and enlighten.

And, of course, if you have any questions please Contact Us (we’ll provide direct phone numbers after you’ve Registered.)

Why USChurchesOnline is different!

For us, it’s important you understand both what USChurchesOnline does and why it exists and why we’re so passionate. The first part is found throughout the rest of the website including our services, guarantees, pricing, etc.

However, the “why” of it all is a little easier to comprehend. USChurchesOnline is first and foremost our ministry. We have been in ministry a good part of our lives and after spending years in geeky kinds of environments felt it time to offer churches in the U.S., and someday beyond, the opportunity to have a web presence where they might not have had one before.

Our experience is that many SMCs (Small & Medium Churches) know that if they are to grow and engage their congregations, their communities and do their part in the Great Commission they must have an online ministry.

SMCs are our niche, our preference. We are committed to offer this unique, low cost, professional quality, ministry opportunity to a very limited group of passionate churches and parachurch ministries like yours.

We’ve worked in very small to small churches (20 to 150 attendees), medium churches (150 to 350) and so called “megachurches” with Sunday morning attendance of 7000 to 15,000. And it’s all been a blast, very meaningful and life changing for us and others. Don spent four very intense and comprehensive years in seminary completing his ThM, plying the depth of the Scriptures and their applications, ministering and preaching/teaching. He’s ministered in the South, the West, the mid-Atlantic, and the Northeast U.S. over the years.

A Varied Background, Lots of Opportunties

Two things Don is especially pleased about being used by the Lord. One is being among the first to develop websites especially for churches in particular. Several times, during the fledgling days of the internet he was asked “why would a church need a website”. It seems unfathomable today to hear such a question but it wasn’t that long ago.

The other space that Don has ministered was with a worldwide ministry consulting with churches, pastors and church leaders helping them develop a vision for and ministry leaders to initiate and lead small groups in homes. (yes, it wasn’t many years ago that churches didn’t have small groups other than Sunday School classes). He’s taught adult growth classes, dozens of home Bible Studies and Discipleship Small Groups.

We’ve worshipped beside and with very liberal and very conservative clergy and their churches and ministries. We’ve ministered with missionaries in North Africa and Central America and prayed for, cried with and encouraged many from other parts of the world.

And, what we’ve learned before, during and after all that is God is 100% correct (big surprise) that we are all sinners and in need of His grace, that most people “mean well” even if they can’t always “do well”. Now, with so many great experiences and indelible exposure to ministry of nearly every stripe we have moved from “offline” ministry to online ministry.

Why is this important? USChurchesOnline wants our churches to know that those who work with them for a dynamic, cost effective, online presence, know how you feel about ministry and why you’re so passionate. We get “the calling” and why Sprurgeon said, “Don’t settle for being a prince when you can be a pastor!”

A Ministry and a Mission, Not Just a Business

Our passion/mission is the same as yours; eg. The Great Commission. And, our ministry to accomplish that is, by God’s good grace, providing the church, especially, but not exclusively, small and medium churches, the wherewithal to do the same in a space they haven’t had before but know they desperately need.

We look forward to serving you and those in your care. We can say with complete honesty and an abiding respect that we know you have a difficult job. But, you know as we do that the rewards are not only heavenly but earthly as well.

God bless you and those you serve. And, thanks for allowing us to be a small part of it all…

We “guarantee” as much as humanly possible, to our clients here at USChurchesOnline, that you and your ministry will be the subject of continual appreciation, intercessory prayer and a smile knowing you have allowed us to be part of your life..

In Him and for His sake,