Commonly asked questions

1.  What argument can you make for why we even need a website?

Response:  Just a guess but chances are that if you’re this far into the process you’re already pretty convinced you need an online ministry for your church or ministry. But, besides that there are many reasons. First, because you have a heart for people and you understand that only an online ministry can reach potentially millions 24/7/365. What other ministry venue can do that as well and as cost effectively as a website from USChurchesOnline? Since the beginning of the world wild web we’ve believed that the world is looking for spiritual succor and only the Church of Jesus Christ can truly provide it. And, we believe you know this, too! Faith in Jesus Christ is life itself and you wouldn’t be doing what you do if you didn’t feel similarly and therefore, want to be as effective at spreading the “Good News” as time, effort and money allow.

2.   Why do your sites cost so much less than others that don’t look as good or as easy to edit?

Response: This answer could have several parts. We might ask why do others charge so much? Another key is that as we stress throughout this is a ministry to small and medium size churches (SMC’s). Our intent is not to get rich but to earn a fair, honest, and reasonable income by helping the bride of Christ excel in online ministry. We could easily seek a niche of larger, more affluent churches but honestly, they get plenty of attention from others! And, they have the financial and human resources to purchase top-shelf sites with lots of bells and whistles. Finally, having been in this work for awhile our experience is that other website providers appear to consider their service as providing a “website”, and of course, that’s perfectly fine. However, we consider our service to you as co-ministers and your site as a shared outreach to your Congregation, your  Community and the World. In the end, we believe we are accountable not only to you but the Savior for providing the best service and most positive experience possible. And, we hope, after awhile of allowing us to be your website providers that you’ll agree.

3.  Alceer wrote recently, “I think they’re nice. I wish we had an awesome sight (sic).  But, there is a time factor and that’s where we all fail. Not enough time.

Response: Of course, time is always in short supply. Your vision and commitment to it determines what’s important and ultimately what you accomplish. USCO has taken care of this deficit with websites that are beautiful, easy to update and we do the security and maintenance so you don’t have to.

4.  Regg said, “Maybe only worldly and compromising churches would have a web presence”.

Response: We think, hope, that Regg was only being sarcastic and no response is necessary.

5.  JJE/JJD wrote, “Frustrating that in this day and age a church won’t have a website… I’m traveling, and trying to find an interesting church to attend but in the process, realized how many churches don’t seem to have even a basic website.

Response: Too bad JJE/JJD didn’t find a church who had heard of us. Now, those churches have no excuse.

6.  Why don’t you suggest calendars instead of a simple listing of upcoming events?

Response: We believe a single page with Ministry listings, Descriptions, Times, etc. is easier to maintain and update. (Select one of the Events pages a Templates for examples – opens in a separate window). And, the bigger your church/ministry the more labor intensive it becomes. A calendar has to constantly be monitored and updated as months approach. Calendars, while no doubt helpful, require much more attention than a simple listing especially as seasonal updates, worship times, small group meetings, leadership issues, etc. change. In other words, 52 weeks of adding Sunday services, 52 weeks of adding Sunday School classes, 52 weeks of adding small groups, special services, along with their times and other relevant information will have to be posted several times throughout the year. With a simple page listing, on the other hand, you make changes only when needed.

NOTE: If you feel you must have a calendar we can add it for a small customization charge. Contact Us for more information.

7.  What if our church/ministry wants a Premium site?

Response: We are happy to provide a premium level template, set up, security and all the other great features we provide to our Basic sites. See our Templates page for more information including the minimal difference in costs.

8.   Spam? Why spam?

Response: Spam is one of the potential curses of being online for anyone and everyone. We add and update spam blockers constantly but not all can be prevented. We are honest when we refer to our Forms as “spam resistant”. Most spam comes from “spambots”; written by those who simply want to cause chaos and havoc on the web. In their cases, usually small software programs called “spambots” auto-fill your Form thousands of times a day until they either succeed or move on. We have built in codes that help in blocking these bots.

However, an individual can still manually fill in your Contact Us Form and send you annoying, even vulgar information. If you’re too spiritually fragile to deal with sinners, many of whom curse you and what you stand for, then perhaps an online presence is not for you  and your ministry. In other words, we do all we can to prevent this from happening but we cannot guarantee 100% that you will not at least occasionally be offended.

9.  Why do all your templates reflect mostly large cities?

Response: Two reasons mainly. They are easily recognizable to Americans and there are plenty of images available that can be used to display the sites features (which will be replaced anyway once your site is live and you begin editing).

10. What happens if we have trouble: training, technical, financial, etc.  

Response: Of course, we are here to help you with your site training and technical issues. We provide several means of helping; including several videos that walk you step by step how to do everything quickly and easily, we have provided our Contact Form for more immediate concerns (we ask for a few hours to respond as some issues may require research), we also provide evening webinars at varying times and evenings (even weekends) so our ministries can optimize their time and when its convenient for them and finally, we provide our phone numbers if you must talk to us directly. NOBODY offers that much client service but those are just a few ways we’re committed to your online ministry success!


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